The dog from the shelter will not leave his best friend

When you hear about «Bonnie and Clyde,» you probably think of two thieves who are inseparable.

Well, these Bonnie and Clyde aren’t thieves. They are dogs: very cute, but definitely inseparable.

From the moment they were found wandering around Arizona and taken to the Maricopa County Animal Control and Care Center, everyone realized that they would not abandon each other.

Bonnie is a big dog. And Clyde is a small dog that often turns out to be sitting or standing on Bonnie’s back. Jose Santiago, MCACC public information specialist, said:

«It’s nice to know that they are so closely connected, but it also highlights the importance of joint adoption.»

«These two inseparable friends have an inherent distrust of most people, and they will never trust strangers. Despite the fact that we feed and take care of them, they remain detached and independent.»

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