The dog has been sitting in the basement all her life and now she is happy

Meet the Bebe. A poodle from the kennel. The dog has spent her entire life in a tiny cage in the basement.

But one day, employees of the Animal Welfare Society of the United States came to the nursery in North Carolina with a search. The animals were taken away. But the special attention of rescuers was attracted by Bеbе, who was kept locked up in a cage and used only as a producer of new puppies.


«She was so small and scared, looked incredibly helpless.»

The poodle was taken to a veterinary clinic, where she won the heart of Brenda, who worked at the reception.

However, when the woman brought Bеbe home, the dog was confused by the huge space. After all, she is used to living in a tiny cage.

«She had never seen the sun, didn’t know what the grass looked like, at first she was even scared.» But over time, Bebe got used to it and now runs around the house with pleasure and plays.

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