The dog looked out of the pipe with a sad and pleading look, it couldn’t move

Tom and Alice were out riding their bikes that day. It was a warm day, and the sun was shining, so biking was a pleasure. While they were riding, their attention was drawn to a pipe that had gone under and in which there was a dog. It looked very unhappy and its eyes were sad. The couple realized that the dog needed help.

Tom went over to the pipe, sat down next to it, and tried to reach the dog by pulling it toward him. But he was unsuccessful. The man realized that something bad had happened, so he had to act quickly. But it is also very important that the dog start to trust him, because he could get frightened and bite.

The couple managed to get the animal to stop being nervous and afraid of them. They got the dog and immediately went to the vet. They were most worried about the animal’s hind legs; they wanted to see a doctor as soon as possible.

The dog just couldn’t stand on his paws. He was clearly traumatized. In addition, it was in a lot of pain. But the vet assured them that the treatment should help.

The vet agreed to treat the dog only if the couple would take it home with them. If not, the animal would be put to sleep.

The injured paw had to be amputated. After the surgery, the dog, named Lelya, as her new owners called her, quickly recovered. She could run very fast on her three paws. The couple had other pets at home who quickly found common ground with Lelya.

These dogs, the couple also found on the street. So the big family lives amicably and cheerfully. And Lelya is grateful to people for saving her and she shows it with affection and adoration.

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