The dog never gets tired of thanking the girl who saved him from being put to sleep

A dog named Clarence was four years old. He never knew what it meant to live in a house and be a pet of his owners. The former owners would not let the dog into the house. He spent all his time in the yard. And when people didn’t want to give Clarence even a little bit of their attention, they threw him out in the parking lot of a supermarket.

In the parking lot, Clarence met two other strays: a sheepdog and a mestizo Chihuahua. After a while, the three of them were caught by the trappers. They contacted the dogs’ owners, but none of them wanted to take the dogs. So all three of them were put on the list of dogs who would soon be put to sleep.

Volunteers found out about the dogs and picked them up from the capture, figuring they could find them new owners. When Clarence realized he had escaped certain death, he took great pains to show people how grateful he was.

«He’s very kind and affectionate, and he’s insanely happy to be safe now,» the volunteers say.

Very soon Clarence will go to a new family. He will have to make the trek to New Jersey, but it will be the road to a new, happy life.

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