The dog saved its owner from a falling tree in just seconds

Dogs are the most loyal and devoted friends, because they are even ready to give their lives for their master.

Today we want to tell you an incredible story about how a dog saved its owner from a falling tree in just seconds. Englishman Mark Brause will be forever grateful to his dog Betsy Boo for saving his life.

It was a very ordinary evening. Mark, according to custom, went for a walk with Betsy Boo after work. It was windless sunny weather outside, not a single leaf moved in the crowns.

Being near a large tree, the man heard a sound from above. He thought that a squirrel or a cat was climbing the branches, but he didn’t notice anything there. At that moment, a small branch fell next to Mark and his dog.

Suddenly, the man felt something strange. Immediately, the dog grabbed him by the trousers and dragged him to the side, Literally a second later, a tree collapsed on the place where Mark was standing, which hit the wall and destroyed it. Mark stood shaken, not fully realizing yet what kind of trouble his four-legged friend had saved him from.

That’s how Betsy Boo’s supernatural premonition saved her master from imminent death.

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