The dog walked 160 kilometers to return to the people who helped her give birth

An elderly couple helped the dog through hard times and found new owners for her. But the animal did not forget their kindness — and the way to the old house.

This story took place in the Argentine city of Rivadavia in 2015. An elderly couple found a homeless pregnant dog on the street.

She was hungry and obviously ill. The couple, feeling sorry for the animal, began to take care of her, and when it was time to give birth, they helped her, and then her newborn puppies.

After the puppies grew up a little and they could be weaned from their mother, good people found them a new home.
Despite the fact that the couple became attached to the Negro — that’s what they called the dog, they could not take her with them, because they believed that because of their age they could not take care of her

Then they found a new owner for her — an old friend from the neighboring town of Kachal — and took her there themselves.

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