The dog was actively digging through the snow: there was someone there

Last November, neighbors were walking their dog, Watson, down the street. Suddenly the dog turned away and began digging through the snow, unresponsive to his owners’ calls. The dog whimpered and diligently shoveled the snow.

The owners were surprised by Watson’s behavior and decided to get closer. It turned out that the dog had found two little kittens in a pile of snow, shivering from the cold. He was diligently licking them to warm them up.

The dog rescued the kittens, and the owners found temporary shelter for them with their acquaintance, who subsequently reported the story to the media. The kittens were taken to the veterinary clinic where they were examined.

Fortunately, the animals were not frozen. One of the kittens had already been taken to their new owners, and the other was looking for his family. The kittens were probably abandoned by their former owners and covered with snow so they couldn’t get out.

Thanks to Watson, the kittens stayed alive. Residents of the city posted an announcement about finding a new home for the kitten on the social network. Everyone praised Watson for his kind heart and decided to reward him with an order and a bone.

Animals can help not only people, but also other animals, and this story was a great example.

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