The dog was always excited to meet the girl, but one day he couldn’t crawl out to her

Today it’s not easy to find a person who is able to quit his business and save someone. But such people do exist, and one of them is a girl named Larissa.

She regularly fed the stray dogs that lived at one of the cottage co-ops and became very fond of one of them, a young red dog.

One day when Larisa arrived at the cottage, she found her pet in a terrible condition: his eye was practically out, and the animal was whimpering and scared out of fear. The girl urgently took the pooch to the vet clinic, where it was discovered that his eye had been knocked out on purpose by a man.

The dog was very friendly, and everyone in the neighborhood knew and loved it, so it was just awful. After the emergency surgery, the girl paid for the dog’s treatment and named him Pirate. She regularly visited her ward at the clinic.

However, Pirate’s continued stay in the clinic cost a lot of money, and Larisa had to decide something. The dog had to be given to someone to be adopted.

Larisa was looking for an owner for him, and amazingly, after a while, a girl from Canada was found who wanted to take Pirate with her.

So, thanks to Larisa and caring people, there is hope for the homeless animals, and they can find a home and a loving owner.

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