The dog was badly injured as a result of the fire and the veterinarian climbed into its kennel to calm the animal

The camera was able to capture a very touching moment when the veterinarian comforted the dog at the moment when she needed it most.

Only a miracle saved the animal after a strong fire, but it was badly damaged. But, fortunately, he was taken to the vet clinic on time and the veterinarians were able to save the dog’s life by performing a complex operation.

Taka, a charming 8-year-old shiba inu, got into the thick of the fire and it almost cost him his life. As soon as they arrived at the veterinary clinic, Emily Martin, the veterinarian at the clinic, realized that they had to act quickly to save the poor dog’s life. In the end, they succeeded. But Taka had to stay in the clinic several more times, until he fully recovered.

Emily is very fond of the dog whose life she just saved. After a short period of time, there was already a special bond between them!

Since Taka needed a lot of time for rehabilitation, his family agreed to keep him in the clinic. But since the vet clinic was closing for the night, Emily knew that it would be very difficult for the dog to stay there alone. Therefore, a dedicated veterinarian decided to take Taka to her home for the night.

Emily had to look after Taka all night. So the next day, when she returned to work, she was very tired. During the break, she just went into Taka’s kennel, lay down next to him and fell asleep.  And just then her colleague was able to make these incredibly touching shots.

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