The dog was buried alive:he was tied to a bag of rubble.

The cruelty with which some people treat animals turns out to be so shocking that it is hard to believe in it. Unfortunately, this Dogue de Bordeaux felt the terrible treatment of people on himself.

One of the residents of France, Pedro Dini, walking with his dog, found a dog that was buried alive. She was buried up to her neck in the ground. In addition, a rope with a bag of rubble was found on the animal’s neck. He was tied up so that the dog could not get out

Pedro immediately began to dig up the poor animal. His own dog helped him a lot in this. The man called the rescue service, and the dog was taken to the nearest veterinary clinic. He was severely dehydrated. Besides, the dog was in shock from the experience.

Oddly enough, the owner of the dog was found. It turned out to be a 21-year-old guy. He denied any involvement in the incident. The owner said that the dog just ran away from home.

However, the police doubt the veracity of the guy’s words. Doctors diagnosed the dog with severe arthritis. Besides, the dog is about 10 years old – it is unlikely that he ran away from home.

The owner of the dog may face up to 2 years in prison or an obligation to pay a fine of 30 thousand euros for animal cruelty.

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