The dog was freezing while its owner was at the post office. But what a simple passerby did…

Cold and frosts are very unsafe for our four-legged pets. Some people think that if an animal has fur, there is no reason to worry that it may freeze. But this is far from the case. In fact, dogs, especially domestic ones, are very hard to tolerate frost.

This story is about a man who somehow just went about his business and noticed a trembling dog on the side of the road. It was clear that the animal was very cold. He was left near the post office, tied to a pole, so he had no chance to escape. Probably, the owner of the dog decided to go to the post office, leaving the dog outside, ignoring the fact that the air temperature dropped below -18 degrees that day. Apparently, the man was delayed, and the dog was freezing…

What this man did when he saw the poor animal is simply incredible. He sat on his knees, took the dog in his arms and hugged her, trying to give the animal some of his warmth. So he waited until the owner returned for the dog. It’s scary to think how this story could have ended if a person had not come to the aid of a poor dog in time.

Be careful and do not leave your animal in the cold. You should also be alerted by the following symptoms: trembling, weak pulse, an animal calling for help, cold ears and limbs.

Hypothermia can lead not only to colds and frostbite, but even to death. Therefore, the owner, be vigilant and do not leave your pet in the cold, and also react if you see that the animal is freezing outside.

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