The dog was going to be «sent to the rainbow», but it turned out to save both her and the newborn puppies

Returning from vacation, the couple decided to bring something with them. But buying banal souvenirs was not part of their plans. There were many animal shelters where they rested.Therefore, in memory of a good time spent, the family decided to save one of the dogs that needed a home.

The couple decided to find a pet who really needed help. And in one of the shelters they found just such a dog. A young terrier with a broken paw lived in the shelter. The animal was in pain, so the shelter management decided to euthanize it.

The couple took the dog, arranged a comfortable place for her in the back seat of their car and drove towards the house. After a few hours on the road, the unexpected happened. The dog went into labor. Perhaps it’s time for the babies to be born. Or maybe the dog believed people so much that he realized that he could trust them with his offspring.

The couple changed the route and went to the vet. But the puppies were born on the road. The woman helped her pet as best she could. She comforted her and took care of the babies. By the time the couple finally pulled up to the veterinary clinic, there were already 6 tiny puppies in the back seat of their car. The doctor’s examination confirmed that both mom and her babies are fine.

The kids are growing up. And they, as well as their mother, are happy in a new family. So, by deciding to help one animal, the family saved seven lives at once.

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