The «enormous» hips of the heroine of the Disney film angered viewers

Viewers have criticized a Disney cartoon for promoting unrealistic standards of beauty among children. This is reported by the Daily Star.

We are talking about a short animated film by the Disney studio «Inner workings». The children’s cartoon tells the story of a man named Paul, who wants to «leave his worldly life and have a little fun.» The cartoon is about the inner struggle between the human brain, which controls his every move, and the heart, a fun adventurer who wants to give man some freedom.

According to the plot, Paul falls in love with Kate, a girl with a thin waist and hypertrophied large hips. Despite the fact that the picture appeared on screens several years ago, a screenshot of the heroine spread on Twitter and caused outrage among viewers only in early 2021.

«I realize it’s just a cartoon, but for God’s sake… They should add some volume to this girl’s belly area,»

«What the hell is character design?»

«The kids are going to worry about what their body should look like! Surely they drew it for Disney? Half the characters look unrealistic.»

«Disney used to have realistic proportions for princesses and princes — no huge eyes, extremely narrow waists, everything looked so much nicer when it was normal size,» complained online users.

Disney Studios has not yet commented on the incident.

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