The exhausted dog understood that this man was the last chance for salvation. With the last of her strength, she crawled up to him

The road worker could not believe his eyes when he saw this creature coming out of the forest to him. The animal had the head of a dog with the saddest eyes in the world, and instead of a body — a skeleton covered with skin. This man was the last chance for salvation, and gathering the last strength, the dog barely moved its paws in his direction…

This picture broke a man’s heart. He knew he couldn’t leave someone who came to him for help and called the Canine Compassion Fund animal Rescue service. Their volunteer immediately went to the scene.

«She could barely stand on her feet. Her hind legs couldn’t even support the weight of her skeleton, so they were half-bent. Stroking her, I felt every bone of her, which was covered only by thin skin,» says volunteer Molly Schilli.

The emaciated heroine of this story was named Gracie. Rescuers don’t know exactly what happened to her, but they have a hunch.

«Most likely, Gracie was supposed to become a hunting dog. But her kind heart did not allow her to kill and bring animals, so her owner simply abandoned her, leaving her in the woods,» says Molly.

Molly took Gracie to the vet. The examination showed that in addition to severe exhaustion (the weight barely reached 8 kg), she also had a heartworm.She had to be treated, but the dog’s condition did not allow it. Therefore, to begin with, it was necessary to normalize her weight and help her get stronger.

Naturally, it was decided not to put her in a shelter. Molly immediately agreed to take her to her home and help her recover faster. There was another problem. Gracie was very emotional.

«Gracie was deeply depressed. Apparently, she was completely disappointed in people. For the first week, she either lay on her bedding, or wandered around the house excitedly, not understanding what was going on,» says Molly.

But the woman did not give up. She was cautiously gaining Gracie’s trust, and the food helped. The dog had to be fed 6 times a day in small portions.And Gracie was so hungry that she ate everything in one bite and was looking forward to the next meal.
Her weight began to gain, and with it came the trust in Molly.

As time went on, Gracie recovered and learned what it meant to live in a house where you were loved and cared for. But most of all, she was impressed by the toys. She just loves it.

«Her toys are kept in a box. But Gracie doesn’t like it. She definitely has to pull them all out, bite each one a few times, and then she brings them to me and we play tug-of-war.»

«She is very grateful to us for saving her. In her six years of life, she did not know what tenderness, love and care were. She was mistreated and could not vent these feelings, so she kept them deep in her heart. But now she is ready to share all this with people. It’s beautiful,» says Molly.

It remains to be hoped that such a wonderful beauty will not have to look for a new home and a new family for a long time. After all she’s been through — she deserves a new and happy life!

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