The faithful dog says goodbye in the hospital to the owner, whom he will never see again

We often write about pets abandoned and betrayed by their owners. And it is a very bitter sight to see the sad eyes of an animal that does not understand that the owners, whom he loved so much, simply left him to his fate or, at best, left in a shelter.

But there are no less difficult moments when the pet is forced to say goodbye to the owner, whom he will never be able to see again, because he will pass away.

And this heartbreaking moment of saying goodbye to his brother’s pet was filmed by a girl named Michelle. Her brother Ryan was lying in a hospital bed with artificial respiration machines and other medical devices connected to him.

His dog Molly, a dark brown boxer breed pet, may not have found out why her owner Ryan has been away for a long time and will never come home again.

Michelle knew this perfectly well and made sure that she was there to say goodbye. After all, for many years they were so attached to each other.

Saying goodbye to a family member is always an ordeal. This is probably even harder for the dog, given the fact that dogs consider their owners to be the most important being in their lives.

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