The family returned their missing dog in a very unusual way

Today we will tell you about one family that had a small Australian Shepherd puppy. They loved this baby very much. But one day they did not notice how the baby came out of the yard and disappeared. Fortunately, the puppy was found, however, in a very unusual way. Or rather, thanks to their baby Bowen. But how did it happen?

The puppy’s name was Luna. The day she ran away was Saturday. Throughout the weekend, they searched everywhere for her, but could not find her anywhere. Already desperate, they turned to an animal search specialist, Sandra Colston. She did everything in her power to find the puppy. Sandra even made a map for the search. They set traps everywhere, on which the owners’ clothes were hung. The dog should have smelled and come. But that didn’t happen.

The owners already thought that the puppy would not be found anymore. And besides, the dog was thoroughbred and beautiful and could easily be stolen. But fortunately, cameras were set up near their house, which captured the puppy. The owner’s niece immediately went there to look for the moon. But the Moon quickly ran away, and it was not possible to catch her.

Starting on Monday, the whole family got into the car and were going to look for Мoon. Little baby Bowen was with them. When they wanted to leave, Bowen started acting up and shouting a lot. And after that, the unexpected happened. From one corner, Moon abruptly ran out and went to the baby. It was as if she thought that someone was hurting him and came to protect a friend.

At that moment, she was immediately caught and put a leash around her neck. The pet finally returned home, and the owners were very happy about it. Now they will definitely be more attentive.

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