The farmer swapped the eggs of the eagles and hens, and watched to see how they would react

A farmer wanted to test what would happen if someone else’s eggs were in the bird’s nest. For the experiment, he set up cameras over the hens’ roost and the eagles’ nest, and then replaced the eggs. At first the eagles did not notice that the egg was different from their own, but when the chicks broke the shell and showed themselves to the light, the behavior of the birds changed.

One day a man found an eagle’s nest on his land, and with curiosity he began to observe them. It was then that the man decided to conduct an experiment. The eagles became practically domesticated. They would fly out of the nest to hunt and then always return.

When the birds flew out to get food and the eggs were left unattended, the man took one egg from there and put a chicken egg in its place. He took the wild bird’s egg to the laying hen.

At first the birds didn’t seem to notice the switch, which surprised the man, because the size of the eggs was very different. The eagle was sitting on the eggs as usual. But as soon as the chick emerged from the egg, the eagles realized that it was not their baby. The adults did not hurt the chick, but they did not feed it either.

Seeing that the baby could starve to death, the farmer interrupted the experiment and returned the babies to their families.

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