The fishermen were floating down the river in a boat when a moose began to run beside them on the water, and then overtook them

A couple of fishermen were moving in a motorboat on the river when, out of the corner of their eye, they noticed movement on the side. Normally a moose would enter the river slowly. But this one was not going to swim at all. He started running across the river straight through the water and didn’t even flop down, as if he were breaking all the laws of physics and defying gravity.

Chris Rock, one of the fishermen, took out his camera and began filming the strange situation. The motorboat was not touching the bottom with its keel. How did the moose run?

The animal, meanwhile, noticed the boat and only sped up. The moose stopped moving along the shore, and instead headed across the fishermen, i.e. crossed the river in the deepest place.

In the video the situation looks even stranger. Here it is obvious that the authors did not use editing:

Most likely, the fishermen were just walking in shallow water. A flat-bottomed boat may not hit bottom where the water would be knee-deep for a man.

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