The found fox cub made friends with orphaned badger cubs

It’s a delightful Disney-style friendship between an abandoned fox cub and two orphaned badgers.

Phoebe the fox was rescued after she was found alone and scared on the streets of Leeds, UK. She was immediately taken to the Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary.

When Phoebe arrived at the reserve, the staff did not know where to put the two-month-old baby, as they had no other adult foxes with whom to place her.

The staff of the reserve did not really like that Phoebe relies on people for food and support. Therefore , they had to think outside the box …

Phoebe was put up with a couple of orphaned badgers to see if they could make friends.

It worked even better than expected. Phoebe met Bella and Betty, the badgers, and they became her new family.

Badgers were found wandering the streets of Meltham, West Yorkshire. They were also taken to the reserve.

In the wild, foxes and badgers avoid each other. But in the reserve, the trio found solace in each other’s company.

«Foxes and badgers never mix in the wild. In fact, they usually stay away from each other,» says Alexandra Farmer, general director of the reserve.

«But these three were wild animals without mothers, all the same size. And we thought we could make them friends with each other if we followed them closely. »

«We were glad to see that they got together very well. It was nice to see them eating, sleeping and even playing together. »

The staff of the reserve hopes that one day they can be released back into the wild.

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