The German Shepherd saw the cheerful dolphins and decided to join them

This is an amazing moment. The dog is so excited to see the playful dolphins that he joins them. Apparently, dogs and dolphins love each other very much.

The German Shepherd, too carried away by a group of dolphins, decides to join them by jumping into the water. However, this is not the wisest decision, because the dog immediately regrets it. But it was too late.

The dog named Maverick was at sea with his owner and his friend when he noticed a flock of dolphins swimming next to them. Although this was not his first fishing trip, Maverick saw dolphins for the first time.

The friendly dog was immediately attracted by these new creatures. He was so carried away by playful dolphins that he did not just watch them, but joined them.

Driven by curiosity, Maverick was too excited and jumped in to join his new friends. But, apparently, he immediately regretted this decision. And it was too funny for two men in a boat. They couldn’t help laughing when they noticed the poor Maverick in the water. «Stop the boat,» one of the men shouted.

Watch the hilarious moment

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