The girl dreamed of a thoroughbred dog, but one day she saw a sleeping puppy in the shelter. Her heart trembled

Anna got a pet by accident. Like many others, she dreamed of a thoroughbred dog, not even thinking about the fact that someday she might have a mongrel. But it didn’t turn out the way the girl had planned. And now she doesn’t regret it!

It all started when Anna’s aunt wanted to find a dog in her house. The woman found out about one of the local shelters, and decided that she would choose a pet there.

When Anna and her aunt entered the institution, they saw many different dogs that looked into their eyes with hope. It was obvious from their sad faces how much they wanted to go home…

The staff of the shelter took the visitors to the puppies. There were six kids, and they were all sleeping sweetly. The woman immediately looked for a cute black baby, who is now happily living at her house.

And Anna, who did not plan to have a mongrel, suddenly saw a gray baby sleeping peacefully next to her brothers and sisters. At that moment, the girl felt that it was her dog, and, succumbing to the rush of tenderness that swept over her, decided to take her home.

So the girl got Jess. At that time, the baby was only two months old. And now the dog has grown into a fluffy beauty.

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