The girl saved a little puppy from an incurable disease

A puppy named Petey was abandoned after birth. When the baby was a month old, he was found in a California park. He had a huge number of wounds on his body. The unfortunate puppy was taken to the hospital.

Soon the doctors discovered that the baby could not walk and would not be able to. After all, he has an incurable disease — cerebellar hypoplasia. Thanks to the doctors, the baby learned to sit.

However, staff at the shelter refused to give up on him and were ready to give him all the care that he desperately needed. They nursed the young animal back to health and once he was strong enough he was transferred to a foster home and put up for adoption.


Unfortunately, the first family that offered to adopt Petey returned him to the shelter after only one day, as they felt that they could not give him all the care and support that he needed.

Nonetheless, volunteers were absolutely determined to find this special dog a forever home. Then, the kind people came along.

They instantly fell in love with the unique canine and knew that he would fit perfectly into their family.

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