The girl was not confused when she saw through the window how children were dragging a white cat across the yard by a rope.

Looking out the window, the girl saw that children in the yard were pulling a rope with a cat tied to the end of it. The girl was shocked by the picture. And the boys in the yard kept stubbornly pulling the fluffy white cat on the rope. The cat didn’t look at all like an animal that lives on the street. At first the girl thought the boys had decided to walk their pet. But then she realized that the boys were 8 or 9 years old, which meant they must understand that they were hurting the animal.

The boys talked loudly and dragged the cat to the tree in the yard. And the girl, overcoming her initial shock, ran out of the apartment into the yard.

The boys had already managed to throw the end of the rope over the branch. By the time the girl ran up to them, the rope was already tightly around the cat’s throat, not allowing it to breathe. It clung to the girl with all its might and looked at her with frightened and lost eyes.

The boys did not argue with the older girl and ran away, scolding her last.

The cat went to a shelter. Her temporary owners named her Rosalia. The girl has very beautiful eyes of different colors.

They quickly found a family for this little cutie and she has already gone to her new home.

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