The girl won the trust of a stray cat for a year: and finally they became friends forever.

Cats are known for their independent nature. But a girl named Stephanie managed to «tame» a three-foot cat. She recently moved into a new house and noticed a stray cat across the street. She loved these animals, so she decided to ask the neighbors who it belongs to.

She was told that a few years ago the cat belonged to the same family. But they moved, and the cat was either forgotten or intentionally left. In any case, he began to live on the street. Sometimes one of the neighbors feeds him. Stephanie joined her. Every day she left candy for the cat not far from home.

The animal was proud and refused to eat in the presence of the girl. But as soon as she turned away, he immediately attacked the food and ate everything without leaving a trace.

It lasted six months. Then the cat became friendly. He had already eaten in front of Stephanie. She decided to arrange a house on the porch for a tramp. At first, the animal did not react to this dwelling in any way.

They were finally friends!

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