The groom won’t recognize her! Make-up artists make an aging bride look 15 years younger!

Love can blossom at any age. Our subscribers will be convinced of this truth when they discover the story of our modern-day heroine. Meet Aida, well into her fifties. Aida’s children have long since left the family nest, and her husband left her 7 years ago.

Just a few months after her divorce, Aida met her true love. Arthur rushed to propose, convincing Aida of the sincerity of his intentions.

For her wedding day, the woman was given a makeover by make-up artists. I’m convinced that even the groom won’t recognize his beautiful, rejuvenated bride.

«Sublime», «Make-up works miracles», «She gives hope to all single women».

«Bravo to the masters», «It’s magic», wrote Internet users in the comments under the photo of Aida transformed.

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