The guy wanted to help a stray dog. But the strange medallion on its neck abruptly unfolded all the events!

For Tyler Wilson, the day began quite normally. He woke up, took a shower, ate breakfast and drove to the gas station. While filling the car with gasoline, Tyler noticed a white dog on the side of the road. He seemed to be watching Tyler closely.

There was no sign of the owner near the dog. And Tyler realized that the dog was wandering by himself. Wilson was very fond of dogs. Therefore, he had a natural desire to caress the homeless, feed and help in any way he could.

However, as he got closer, he saw that the animal’s neck was decorated with a collar with a medallion hanging on it.

It read: “My name is Dew. I’m not lost. I just love to travel! Please tell me to go home.»

Tyler followed the instructions, and they parted ways. But this meeting left an indelible mark on the soul of the guy…

A smart, quiet dog who has chosen his way in life! And very understanding owners who trust their friend and see him as a Person.

And a little later, the owners of Dew started a personal account for him on the network. And people began to send selfies with the dog there and report its location. And the owners marked the route of his city trips on the map.

So Dew became a city landmark that everyone knew about!

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