The guys saved a small red Lion with unusual paws

When the two young men were returning from work, near the dumpster they noticed a small and helpless creature that meowed and tried to shout at least to someone.

They took the baby with them. When its paws were washed under a stream of water, the new owners noticed that its fingers were not at all like those of other cats. The pad has a bend, some claws are underdeveloped, and two claws – on the contrary-stick out forward, like knives, and do not retract! Perhaps because of this, someone left the baby on the street.

Lion was washed, fed, warmed, and put to bed. But there were some difficulties with feeding because it was still very young and therefore had to be fed every four hours.

They fed the baby milk from a syringe, and soon the Lion king quickly gained weight. The vet said that the paws will not bother the pet – it’s just such a feature. Lion was jumping, running, and fooling around, just like other cats his age!

And when they bought a tray for the kitten, the cat immediately figured out what to do.

In addition, it has an excellent memory – it clearly remembers when the owners come home from work, and every day it meets them at the door.

Now the cat is already 4 months old and it has turned into a very handsome cat.

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