The husky dragged the woman as hard as he could toward the woods. Turns out there were seven wet kittens in the box

A 30-year-old woman named Whitney lives in Georgia with her three children and her husky dog, Banner. She can’t walk, so Banner helps her get around. The dog always helps out her beloved owner, making her life much easier.

Whitney is inseparable from her furry friend, she always understands what she wants to tell her with her behavior.

Not long ago Banner began to behave very unusually. Whitney immediately guessed that something was wrong. The dog was jumping on her owner, barking loudly, and constantly pulling at her clothes, hinting for her to leave the house.

Whitney was perplexed, for Banner had never behaved this way before. The dog had always been obedient, but now she was no longer obeying commands at all.

In spite of her doubts, the woman decided to follow her pet. Banner led her to a clearing in the woods and immediately disappeared into the bushes. Whitney looked closely and noticed a large cardboard box in the shade. Banner stuck her muzzle inside that box and pulled out a kitten. Then some more.

Whitney was very frightened, for the kittens were silent and looked lifeless. Their little bodies were very cold. But the kittens were alive. Whitney couldn’t understand how Banner knew about the box.

The dog took all seven kittens out of the box and gave them to their owner. Whitney immediately took them home and fed them.

The kittens looked very small, as if they had been born not more than twenty-four hours ago. It’s not easy to take care of these babies, especially when you’re handicapped. But Whitney got through it all. Not without Banner’s help, of course.

The dog became a real mother to the kittens. She looked after them, making sure they didn’t get into trouble. Banner spent all the time next to the babies, lying next to them, protecting them from the world around them.

She only slept next to the kittens to keep them warmer, and she also licked them.

Whitney decided to give the kittens away as soon as they were a little older. She still can’t understand how anyone could do such a cruel thing.

Such babies left alone in the woods … Who knows how it would have ended if Banner hadn’t discovered the box!

The woman calls Banner a real heroine!

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