The injured dog came to the vet clinic by herself and asked for help

The video from the surveillance cameras of the veterinary clinic of the Brazilian city of Juazeiro do Norte captures the moment when a stray dog enters a local veterinary clinic and sits down against the wall, stretching out a sick paw.

Stray dog limps into vets alone and shows injured paw to get treatment | Metro News

The veterinarian working at that moment, Daize Silva, at the sight of the dog’s plaintive look, immediately hurried to her new patient. The examination conducted by the doctor showed that the wound of the paw is not the only thing that the four-legged friend found. Daise Silva also found blood in the dog’s genitals and a malignant tumor.

He Put The Injured Paw Forward": Video Shows Stray Dog Wandering Into A Vet Clinic As If To Ask For Help | Bored Panda

According to the publication G1, the next month the tailed friend will undergo chemotherapy in a veterinary clinic. And during this time, the doctor who saved the dog will try to find a new home for her.

Injured Stray Dog Wanders Into Vet Clinic To Ask People For Help - The Dodo

“The most admirable thing is that he came on his own. His intelligence is beautiful,” she said. “I’m sure he will find a home that will welcome him and receive him with all the love he deserves.” Meantime, the dog who wasn’t named yet, will remain at the clinic for a couple of weeks, to recover.

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