The kid sneaks into the room to kiss the nursing dog before going to bed

A video about the kids’ benevolent actions is going viral.

When babies grow up with pets, they often become very attached to them. Dogs are family to them.

It seems that for a little girl, this dog plays the role of an «older sister» or «mother», despite the fact that the dog had its smallest puppies!


In the video posted by RM Videos, a little girl is seen sneaking into the dog room where the mother dog is lying and feeding her puppies.

The toddler bends over the bed and kisses the dog before running back to the door. The room is dark, and it looks like a little girl kissing a puppy good night. How cute!

«Look at how a child behaves when she does NOT know that she is being watched. Now we know how kind she really is,» one person commented on the video.

Another wrote: «She’s a good girl. Good children become good people. She will make the world a better place.»

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