The kids all laughed when the principal said he was going to dance, but watch what happens when the music starts

Teachers and school staff can make a real difference in the lives of students.

I think most of us can think of one or more teachers who had a huge impact on our development.

Although I think it is important to respect your teacher, sometimes it is good for them to relax a little. It makes the classroom atmosphere a little better.

That’s what the principal of one school did when he put on a show.

It’s a really unexpected but surprisingly interesting episode.

Tyson Kane has always been the «cool» principal to his students, but they had no idea he could dance so cool.

In a video that has gone viral, Principal Kane dispels the notion that adults can’t dance. At the beginning, he stands quietly during a school assembly, but by the end, the kids are stunned into silence as they watch their principal breakdancing cool in the middle of the gym.

Kane says he has long aspired to be an educator and role model, and has been an advocate for quality education. A key factor in his success is that he makes every effort to connect with students.

Kane also encouraged all teachers to be proactive and take their role in shaping the younger generation seriously.

Of course, Kane also knows that kids love a good surprise, so he chose this random school assembly to show off his moves! What can you say about Principal Kane’s unique approach to his work?

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