The kitten jumps into the family car: he decides to stay with them forever.

One restless morning, Melina Marama Waite was going to take her two children to kindergarten and her 9-year-old daughter to school. And suddenly she realized that a stranger had made his way into her car.

«We stopped at an intersection and suddenly a kitten jumped on the dashboard,» Waite told The Dodo. «It was a complete shock, I didn’t know what to do. »

Waite was incredibly shocked and confused by the sudden appearance of a cat sitting right in front of her on the dashboard. And,of course,the cat was also confused.

«When the movement continued, I started moving.At this time the cat panicked and tried to grab the rearview mirror. And my daughter also panicked,» Waite said. «I tried to grab the cat, but he fell and ran away somewhere in the back seat of the car.»

Waite and her daughter returned home immediately. When she got home, she tried to catch the kitten. But he jumped out of the car and quickly ran away. But, surprisingly, the next morning the kitten came to her house and had breakfast. He came for breakfast and the next day. And so every day.

«He came back for breakfast the next day,» Waite said. «Every day he allowed me to get closer to him. »

Thanks to a humane trap from a local cat rescuer, White managed to catch a kitten. She took him to the vet, where he was examined. His name was Dash, and now he is safe in his home.

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