The little puppy was saved: he was thrown out into the rain

At the age of 2-3 weeks, a small black puppy was thrown into the rain. Of course he couldn’t take care of himself. No one knows what happened to his mother or family.

Fortunately, someone saw the abandoned dog and called rescuers for help.

Rescuers who arrived at the scene saw a small dog curled up near the fence in the rain, shaking from the cold.

They gently lifted him up and led him into the house to warm him up.

The dog, which they named Blackie, looked much better after getting warm.

At such a young age, puppies cannot maintain their body temperature well. Therefore, it is good that the help came on time.

Rescuers fed the puppy with milk and dog food. Although he was safe, he was still incredibly scared.

Being torn away from his family at such a young age and thrown out on the street was probably a trauma for him. But it looks like he’s doing fine now!

In fact, just 10 days later, Blackie found a home forever! We are so happy that he has the happy ending he deserves.

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