The lonely dog was left alone in the shelter. He stopped eating and drinking out of boredom

The half-breed Staffordshire Terrier is seven years old. He had been waiting for his family for a long time in a shelter in Michigan, but he had no luck. The dog saw other dogs being taken home one by one. And one day he was left alone at all! Yes, it so happened that Capone was the only pet in the shelter.

метис питбуля

When the dog was first brought to the shelter, he was immediately adopted. But a year later he was returned, because he had a fight with another dog who visited the house.

The pet was so upset that he refused to eat and drink. He lost a lot of weight. The staff of the shelter had to persuade Capone for a long time so that he could eat at least a little.

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People saw that the poor dog was just heartbroken. Returning to the shelter was a real grief for the animal! Capone became friends with the staff. He had clearly begun to trust them.

The staff of the shelter made every effort to find a home for the dog. His photos were constantly posted on social networks. And finally, a few weeks ago, a joyful event happened to Capone!



A wonderful married couple became interested in a pet. People were very sorry for the sad dog. And they decided to give him what he had been waiting for for so long! They were ready to take him home. On the day when the new owners came for Capone, they had already managed to make a personalized medallion for his collar.

The only thing the shelter staff was worried about was whether the dog would be able to trust strangers again? They watched with bated breath as Capone got acquainted with potential owners. Seeing the dog, people even knelt down. And he, howling with joy, rushed straight into their arms!

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That’s how the loneliest dog in the shelter found a long-awaited Home! The new owners shared photos of Capone beaming with happiness.


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