The lost dog came home with these new friends

Dogs are often called «man’s best friend,» and in most cases this is true. Dogs make great companions, they will play with you when you’re bored, comfort you when you’re lonely, and even protect you from danger if necessary. So when your beloved pet goes missing, it’s comparable to losing a loved one.

But in this family’s case, losing their dog ended up being a fun and unusual experience. Not only did they find their lost pet, but they also learned something else.

One night a black Labrador named Bo ran away from home as usual, but this time he did not return. According to Laura Krier, their home in Concordia, Kansas, is surrounded by open fields. So, when Beau ran away for a few hours, they assumed he had just decided to explore the neighborhood.

But when he didn’t return, Laura and her husband Kyle got worried and started looking for him. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find Bo until after dark. Kyle says:

«We looked everywhere for him until it got dark. Then we went home and waited for him to come back. In the morning I went looking for him again and found no sign of him.»

They even posted a request on their Facebook page to see if anyone had seen their beloved dog. Kyle was beginning to lose hope. It seemed like he would never see his varmint Bo again. Luckily, the next day the family received a call that a similar dog had been seen nearby.

Kyle drove to the field where his beloved pet had been spotted to pick him up. And what was his surprise when he found Bo in the company of another dog and a goat. They adamantly didn’t want to part with Bo, and climbed into the cabin with him.

A few days later it was discovered that Bo’s friends, Ozzie and Libby, belonged to Kyle’s neighbors, Chris and Shawna Huggins. And they were knocked off their feet in search of their animals. After introductions and long laughter, they took their runaways home.

But we hope the new friends keep in touch. What do you think?

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