The lost dog followed every woman he saw for four months, hoping that it was his owner

This dog got lost and, for four long months, he wandered the streets. The unfortunate puppy followed every woman who passed by,hoping that his beloved owner would be among them.

The neighbors fed the poor dog.They also warned rescuers about him. However, as soon as they tried to catch him, he took off running. Four months later, some members of the volunteer team were still able to catch the dog and find his owners. They were able to find the dog’s identification number on his ear and find the registered owner. The owner was very surprised that the dog was found. After all, she had been searching for him beloved pet for so long and unsuccessfully.


When the owners were shown the video of the dog, the woman cried because it was their lost dog Chunjang. When they were reunited, Chunjang was hesitant at first. But after a while, he recognised the woman and started jumping for joy! At last he had found the woman he had been looking for for the past four months.

Luckily the story ended so well and the dog was reunited with his beloved owner, who was looking for him.

There are many cases in which animals are abandoned intentionally, and they cannot understand or believe this, or carry the bitterness of the betrayal to the end in their hearts.

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