The man did not leave the little kitten in the trash can

One evening Anthony went outside to take out the trash. A faint squeak from the tank caught his attention. He didn’t want to look in there. The man thought it might be a rat. But the squeak was repeated and was so plaintive and weak that it became clear that a tiny creature was in trouble.

Looking into the tank, Anthony saw a kitten. He was practically bald and a night on the street in a trash can would be his last. The man immediately took the kitten to the veterinary clinic. They confirmed that the baby’s health condition inspires serious concerns.

After receiving care instructions, Anthony went home, having previously bought everything he needed. At home, Stuart, the name the baby got, was washed, fed and wrapped in a warm blanket. For several weeks, the man carefully took care of the new pet. He got stronger, recovered, and the first fur appeared on the body.

After a couple of months, it’s impossible to recognize a garbage cat in Stewart. He became a blond handsome cat. It’s wonderful that there are many sympathetic and kind people in the world!

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