The man took the kitten, which was damaged in the fire, to his house. Now you can’t recognize the baby

A fire was blazing in one of the garages. The rescuers who arrived at the scene had to work very hard to cope with the disaster. When the fire was finally extinguished according to the instructions, the premises had to be carefully examined. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but one victim was found. It was a very small ginger kitten. He was covered in soot, and his legs and muzzle were burned.

The owners were nowhere to be found, and how to find them now? Firefighters did their duty to the end and took the baby to the vet. After the examination it turned out that the chances of survival are not so much, he had third-degree burns.

At that time, the news of the miraculous rescue spread on the Internet, but only one person it touched to the core. Rob Maguire found out the kitten’s whereabouts and went to the veterinary center. That’s where he met him. It was like meeting two old friends, the kid reached for the man and murmured. Rob called him Dobby.

The baby lost several toes on his paws, but in general, he felt good. Proper care, love, and care have done their job. It was after meeting Rob that he began to recover just before our eyes.

The doctors smiled: “This is what motivation is multiplied by the desire to live!” And a few days later, the bandages and bandages were completely removed.

As soon as possible, Rob took Dobby out of the clinic. At home, three wonderful cats and a kitty were already waiting for him. And now they have a new family member.

Several months have passed, Dobby is no longer a baby, but a big and cute cat. In addition, he turned out to be very friendly and immediately blended into the mustache-tailed company.

This means that our story ended well – as it should be.

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