The man was fishing from the shore when a baby bear came out of the woods and asked for fish. He did not eat it himself, but took it to the mother bear

A man was sitting and fishing on the bank of the river when out of the corner of his eye he noticed movement on the bank. He looked around and was surprised to find that a bear cub had come to the water’s edge and was waiting, as if asking for some fish, which by that time the fisherman already had. The man did not get greedy and threw one of the fish on the beach to the animal. But the bear cub did not eat the fish immediately, but carefully picked it up and carried it into the forest.

Later the man recalled the details of the story. He went right out to the shallow river and was fly fishing – the bite that day was excellent and in a few hours Gleb sent three trout and a weighty grayling into a bucket.

In his excitement, the fisherman did not immediately see the bear cub coming toward him. When he noticed it, he realized that the animal was hungry. The man threw a whole grayling to the forest dweller, but it did not eat it – just nodded its head and carried the fish into the forest.

The most interesting thing is that after a while the bear cub came back and started asking for fish again. The fisherman wondered where the animal was taking the fish. The man gave the fish, but this time he decided to follow the animal. In a clearing in the middle of a dense forest he saw a bear cub lying quietly.

The bear calmly met the man, but the fisherman himself understood – two or three fish would not be enough for the big animal. So he thought for a while, and then took the entire catch to her and quietly left.

The next day the bear and her cub left the clearing. It looks like the fish did indeed help her gain strength.

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