The Moses Miracle of Chindo Island. A legend to be seen!

Twice a year, a unique natural phenomenon reminiscent of the biblical story of the Red Sea parting from Moses takes place near Jindo Island: between Hwedong-ni Gogun-myeong and Modo-ri Uysin-myeong, the sea water parted and a 40 meter wide and 2.8 km long road between Jindo and Modo Islands opened for an hour.

What wonders are there in our world!!!

Scientists believe that the «division of the sea» appears on Jindo Island because of differences in tides, and the timing of its peak depends on lunar cycles. No wonder thousands of tourists flock to South Korea to witness such an incredible natural phenomenon.

For an hour, locals and tourists, many of whom associate the phenomenon with the biblical parable of the Red Sea waters parting before Moses, stroll across the open land and collect trapped seafood.

Jindo is the province of Jeolla-Namdo where the Mysterious Sea Route passes. On the opening day of the sea route, thousands of tourists will fill the 2.3-kilometer-long path.

The strongest sea tides in these parts can be seen in late fall and winter, but most tourists come to Jindo in early May not only to see the «Miracle of Moses,» but also to enjoy a warm-weather stroll along the sea road.

The phenomenon of the sea division became world famous after the French ambassador to Korea, Pierre Randi, visited Jindo in 1975 and wrote about it in a French newspaper. But the most important act is the procession on the water. On this «Moses Way» you can walk from the mainland to the island.

Despite the scientific explanation of the phenomenon, there is an ancient legend in Korea. A certain Song Dongjin was convicted and sent into exile on Jeju Island. On the way, his ship was wrecked in a storm.

But Song himself, with his family and crew, survived by swimming to the nearest island, Chindo. The place where he found himself was called Hwedon (tiger village) because there were many striped predators.

Song’s descendants have lived on the island for more than 200 years and have been regularly attacked by tigers all that time.

Then they decided to move to the neighboring island of Modo. However, during the move they forgot an old woman in the village. The old woman was left alone, and prayed to the Sea Dragon to help her reunite with her family. The dragon appeared to her and ordered her to come to the seashore.

It parted and the woman went on her way, but she lost her strength and fell. Then the family crossed the sea from the other side and took her away. Before she died, the grandmother thanked the Dragon for reuniting her with her loved ones. Since then, people on Chindo Island have held an annual ceremony in memory of the old woman and the miracle the Dragon performed.

And the grandmother and the tiger were placed a monument at the site of her crossing of the sea.

After a few hours, the sea returns, and walking on the water becomes impossible. If tourists get lost and don’t make it to land when the sea starts to return, no problem. Numerous boats and police officers will help and take them ashore.

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