The most beautiful cat had a litter of the same special kittens

One married couple found an abandoned cat that was pregnant. They rescued a kitten that was quite unique.

When she gave birth shortly after being taken to a safe place, her rescuers noticed that this mom’s litter was as special as she was!

The mother had five babies, each of different colors and appearance.

The first kitten was a turtle, similar to mom. Only this one had a long tail!

The second was a ball of pure black fur and a single monophonic kitten.

The third was a «strange ball», a red striped cat with a bobtail — just like mom!

The fourth was «striped»

For a moment, it seemed that Mom had finished giving birth. But a few hours later , another surprise arrived …

«This little guy arrived almost 2 hours later, when we were sure that everything was already over.»

Rescuers made sure that the family remained safe and comfortable.

Considering that they tried their best to save these cats, we are sure that they will make sure that everyone finds a home forever.

Thanks to these rescuers who took care of the abandoned cat… they saved six lives that day!

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