The mother horse runs to the rescuers and asks them to save her foal.

Most of the animals we regularly interact with are completely tamed or domesticated. It is very important for animal owners or ranchers to have an obedient and predictable animal.

Wild animals are animals that have not been tamed or domesticated by humans.One of the most beautiful «wild» animals that you can see here in America is a wild horse! They are majestic, wild and can live exactly as they want. To see a wild horse is like seeing a magical forest creature.

Although wild animals live on their own, sometimes they still need human help.

Whether it’s treatment or habitat protection, people always intervene where necessary. As a result, many animals began to consider people as saviors or even friends!

There are indeed wild horses in our region that live on pastures all year round. They’ve lived here for years. The stallions divided the herds into several small groups: broodmares, foals, yearlings and wild ones living among sage thickets and meadows.

While Jordan was checking the fence, the two wild horses were galloping as usual.

Jordan thought it was interesting and stopped to take pictures of them.

Suddenly he noticed that the horse was jumping restlessly, as if it wanted to attract his attention. Looking closer, Jordan realized what was going on. He noticed a foal stuck in the mud.

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