The mother woke up from the growling of the dog. When she entered her son’s room, she was stunned

When you look at the Natall family, it seems that this is the most ordinary American family — husband, wife, children, dog. But everything is much more complicated. The boy, the son of the Natall couple, was diagnosed with type I diabetes mellitus.

This very serious diagnosis was made to the boy when he was only two years old. Since that day, the boy’s health has been constantly monitored by his parents. Every few hours, the child’s blood sugar level is checked. It is very important. After all, even a slight deviation from the norm can lead to serious problems. And in some cases, this causes the death of a sick person.

A four–legged friend named Jedi a dog, who became the sick boy’s best friend, helps them in this. The dog was specially trained to work with people suffering from diabetes. The dog’s sharp nose allows him to detect fluctuations in the patient’s blood sugar level at lightning speed.

The Jedi accompanies the boy everywhere: at home, on the playground, and even during sleep. If the dog feels that the child’s health is in danger, it reacts in a matter of seconds.

So, for example, it happened quite recently. At night, when the whole family was serenely staying in the kingdom of Morpheus, the Jedi raised a real commotion. The boy’s mother woke up to the fact that the dog with a loud growl swept over her. The sleepy woman did not pay much attention to the animal’s behavior and simply threw it away, ordering it to calm down. Nevertheless, the dog disobeyed and jumped back on his owner’s bed. At that moment, the woman realized that something was wrong. The boy’s father woke up, and the couple went together to check if everything was all right with their baby.

Finding themselves in the bedroom of a serenely sleeping boy, the parents were stunned. His blood sugar level, which should not have fallen below 70, reached 57 divisions.

The baby was immediately injected, which saved his life. However, the real savior in this situation turned out to be a Jedi who not only sensed the danger, but also managed to correctly report it.

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