The noble lion hugged his lion cub. A fascinating shot from the famous cartoon in real life

The cartoon «The Lion King» won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world at the time and continues to be a cult. And the touching relationship of the lion king Mufasa with his cub Simba made many people shed tears

Can you imagine such a frame in real life, in the wild?

The photos show a majestic lion watching his territory, while one of his cubs (definitely the most playful) sneaks away from his father and asks him to hug him tightly.

According to the photographer, this tender moment was captured when she was taking several photos for a children’s book. And what a charming moment she managed to capture.

«The lion pretended not to see the cubs until the last second. Then they began to play happily. I especially like the moment when a male lion gently hugs a cub. The contrast between his brute strength and softness, a huge paw holds a small lion cub very gently,» Sabina told LADbible.

«I was struck by how gently this huge lion plays with cubs. They really looked like they were having fun and having fun. In the gentle light of the sunrise, it was a moment of pure grace.»

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