The non-walking husky from the swamp never knew what home and comfort are

Night. Bag. Swamp. So the story of Polechka began. The dog, deprived of the ability to walk, was found randomly. Probably, dogs also have a personal guardian angel.

When Polechka came to us, everyone was shocked. It is difficult to describe in human words the condition of a dog. Experienced doctors did not understand what hopes we had. But we fought for her life and health. Polechka behaved like a real hero. She endured everything that was required in order to live and enjoy life.

She really wanted to walk down the street in a wheelchair. She really wanted to find the very person who would not be afraid of responsibility and take her to his house. Polechka smiled even when she had no strength. She looked into the eyes of every person who came to her in the hospital. But the miracle did not happen.

Polechka is an affectionate, naive, sociable and incredibly cheerful dog. Despite the limited opportunities, she does not lose her optimism. She’s not the kind of dog that whines all day. She is a real fighter.

Polechka tries to lead as full a life as possible. She has learned to drive a wheelchair on her own and is happy to go for walks. She lives like a full-fledged dog.

My publications about Polechka found a response in the hearts of caring people. However, a lot of time has passed, and the miracle has not happened. We have already been discharged from the hospital. After all, this is a medical institution, not a shelter. Polechka could not live there permanently.

Fortunately, the world is not without kind people. A girl named Olga agreed to help. The girl works in a zoological taxi. She often gave Polechka a lift and treated her warmly. Therefore, Olya agreed to take her for overexposure.

We agreed for a few weeks, but a couple of months have passed, and no one has taken the shelf. Olya takes care of the dog, surrounds her with warmth and care. Polechka already needs to leave, but she doesn’t have a home. For all the time, not a single person has expressed a desire to take this «piece of optimism on wheels».

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