The old woman fell down in the frost and could not get up, no one heard her cry: the dog sensed the trouble

A remarkable event happened in Minnesota thanks to the vigilance of a dog named Midnight. On that cold day when an elderly woman needed help, it was in the right place with its owner.

During another walk, Tim Kerfman and his faithful dog Midnight noticed that something unusual was going on. The dog sensed something wrong and became alert. It immediately turned to its owner and ran toward the neighbor’s house. Tim followed her and soon found an elderly woman slumped in the snow.

A woman attempting to fill a bird feeder was unable to keep her footing and found herself unable to get up. Unsupported and slippery wet gloves prevented her from getting back into the house. Tim helped her up and walked her to the door of her house. He and his wife then helped change her into dry clothes and made sure she was okay.

Thanks to Midnight’s vigilance, the elderly woman escaped frostbite and possible death. Tim noted that no one went outside the house that evening as it was extremely cold. The woman who experienced the scare now thanks her rescuer every day. She knows that she has a guardian angel nearby at every moment, ready to protect her life.

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