The owner asked the dog to put the toys away and he obeyed. This clip should be shown to children as an example!

This is the adorable moment a Staffordshire Bull Terrier ran around picking up his own toys before getting ready for bed at his home in Lancashire.

Owner Davina Gibson asks George the Staffy “who made all this mess?” and then tells him to “get your toys” as he sits in a room littered with dog toys.

One by one, he picks up each item and puts it back in a white plastic box.

His owner, Mrs Gibson, said:

“George the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a very responsive dog who wants to please and does a lot of housework to help his mum who suffers from excruciating back pain.”

The footage shows George responding to specific commands: he picks up his toys and brings them to the basket by the TV.

He even knows that “oh-oh” means he missed the basket.

In the video, after the terrier has finished cleaning, he runs out and turns on the light to get ready for bed.

Afterwards he comes back to jump on his owner before stepping down immediately when asked to.

After watching the video, net users joke that it should be shown to their children so that they can follow the example of the four-legged man.

And really – why not?

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