The owner didn’t understand why his Rottweiler was sleeping in the snow near the kennel until he looked inside

A Rottweiler named Bruno was very much loved by his owner and was used to a comfortable life. He loved good food, a cozy kennel, and a peaceful winter life. Suddenly, however, the dog’s behavior changed. Instead of sleeping in a warm kennel, he spent his nights in the snow, and his owner was very surprised. When he began to watch Bruno to understand the reason for this behavior, he learned that he had a good reason for this behavior.

The owner had built a doghouse for his pet using warm boards, caulked every crevice, put warm straw on the bottom, and even sacrificed his warm blanket. During the snowfall, Bruno spent most of his time in his new home, going out only to eat and train with his owner.

One day, however, when the owner went out to feed Bruno, he saw the dog lying right in the snow near the kennel, not inside. This seemed strange to him, and he began to watch him. Each time, after Bruno ate, he would lie down on the snow again, refusing to go into the kennel. This went on for several days, and the owner became seriously worried about his dog. He decided to check the kennel from the inside.

At first Bruno wouldn’t let him do it. But eventually the man was able to look inside and found a young cat and her kittens. They were lying on Bruno’s warm bedding, which he had generously provided. The owner decided to move the cat and her kittens to the covered porch so that they would be warm and Bruno would no longer be cold. However, when he took the cat, Bruno was very upset, and the owner had to let him into the porch to see that his friends were safe.

Bruno and the cat have become inseparable friends who spend most of their time together. The dog protects his little friend and even taught it how to hunt. Now they chase mice together and play various games.

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