The owner misses the dog and calls him.

If you are a dog owner, there was probably a time when you wanted to call your dog. Just say hello or see how he behaves while you are not at home.

Well, dogs can’t talk on the phone. At least for now! However, this did not prevent the person in the video below from checking out his puppy.

The woman called home and asked her husband to call their dog Stanley to the phone. As soon as a dog hears a woman’s voice on the phone, she immediately has a reaction that will cause you to smile broadly.

«Were you a good boy today, Stanley?» the woman asked. «Tell me you love me,» she added. And the dog’s reaction comes immediately. The sounds he makes when his mom tells him that she misses him too are absolutely adorable and unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

It’s quite obvious that Stanley misses his mom very much.

Anyone who says dogs can’t communicate to show their feelings probably hasn’t seen Stanley in action.

Watch the adorable video below:

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