The owner of the dog made a bed on wheels for him so that he could walk on the beach

Cocoa is the name of the hero of our story, he was still a puppy when he fell into the hands of his current owner. He loved to run very much. This has always been his favorite activity. And after he had played enough and was tired, he lay on the sand and rested. But at some point, the dog can no longer move so actively because of his age. And after a while, he couldn’t walk anymore. Besides the fact that he was already sixteen years old, he was also ill, and this made the situation worse.

Since the dog did not have long left, the owners decided that the last months of his life, Cocoa should spend no less fun. The owners live very close to the coast. They always went to the beach for a walk on weekends. The fact that the dog can no longer walk was not a reason to leave him at home, or not to go to the beach at all.

The owner of the dog found a way out of the situation so that everyone was happy. He made a wheelchair with his own hands. The design was a mini crib, to which the wheels were screwed. The dog was lying on the crib and the owners rolled him along the beach, with the help of an attached rope. When they first came out, they also took a picture of Thomas, and posted it on social networks, not expecting as many reactions, reposts and likes as they received.

These memories were the last for the already sick dog. His story ended at the age of seventeen, when the dog passed away.

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